Temporary Fencing


Our temporary fences allow for quick assembly and easy mobility to help secure any job site. Take care of your site's safety compliance needs and reduce risk for the best price. Temporary fencing is the solution your company needs to ensure easy and affordable security and protection to your next project. When it comes to tempoary fencing, Steelock General Fence Contractor has options for you.

Rental services are available on all the following fence items:

  • Event Barricades
  • Emergency Fences
  • Fence Panels
  • For sites that need containment for insurance purposes.
Metal Fence Folded — Temporary Fences in Denver, CO

Temporary Fencing Options

We offer driven stretched temporary fencing. This style of fencing has posts set in the ground approximately two feet and can be easily installed over surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. This style of fencing is excellent for long-term construction settings.

We offer post stands or driven panel fencing depending on the necessary application. Post stands do not require drilling any holes, which makes for an easy cleanup. This style of fencing can be applied to nearly any temporary fencing need.

Need some help? We've got it covered. Steelock General Fence Contractor offers professional installations from our top fencing experts. Call today at 303-295-1915