Security Gates and Access Controls

We understand the importance of security when choosing a gate for your restricted-access facility. Steelock General Fence Contractor is known for handling even the most high-security fencing jobs. Even our local military bases have trusted Steelock to keep their area enclosed and secure.
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Lock Secured Fence — Security Gates in Denver, CO

Our Gates

Cantilever Gates

Each of our cantilever gates is custom made and built in-house. Cantilever gates are a high-functioning and low-maintenance security gate design. Unlike some security gates, cantilever gates do not require a ground track to operate. Instead, the gate opens and closes by sliding sideways on roller wheels. The benefit to not having a track is there are fewer obstructions caused by collected dirt and debris collected in the track.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are the gates that open by “swinging” open a full 90 to 180 degrees to allow permitted access. Swing gates are available as single (one swing entrance) or double (two swing gates side-by-side opening from the center out). Swing gates often require less space than other gate options making them a popular choice.

V-Track Gates

V-track slide gates are very common and reliable gates for industrial and commercial properties. V-track gates allow gates to open smoothly across a track. V-tracks are a great way to ensure added security to your restricted-access facility.

Our Warranty

Steelock General Fence Contractor proudly offers a one year warranty on all of our services. Our materials are covered within manufacture's warranties.