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Steelock General Fence Contractor proudly offers numerous styles and materials to choose from depending on the needs of your property. Our team will work with your budget and property requirements to come up with the best option for you.

Established Fence Company

Our fences can be seen all throughout the Rocky Mountain Region area. In the past five decades, we have worked with military bases, parks, construction sites and more.
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View Through Chain Link Fence — Industrial Fence in Denver, CO

Our Fences:

galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized fences are great enclosures for those looking for a standard and economical solution to meet their design requirements. Galvanized fences can uphold against weather, stains, and impact, making them a great option for properties looking for low-maintenance fencing.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Vinyl fences offer the same benefits of aluminum fences (listed above) with added customization of the vinyl colors.

Ornamental Iron Fence

If you are looking to secure your property while adding curb appeal, an ornamental iron fence is a great option. Wrought iron fences upgrade the look of your property while adding high-strength security. Ornamental fences are a customizable and a distinguishable addition to any industrial or commercial property that will last for decades to come.
We proudly use Ameristar and Omega!

Wood Fence

Wood Fences are a great way for you to secure the perimeter of your property while hiding any undesirable or private views from outsiders. Our wooden fences are available in various styles and materials, so we can provide you with the best option to elevate and secure your property.

PVC Fence

A PVC Fence, (most commonly referred to as a vinyl fence) is a great option for those looking for a highly-customizable, low-maintenance enclosure for their industrial or commercial area. PVC fencing comes in various colors and textures, which allows our customers to have access to more options for their property. Additionally, PVC fencing provides endurance benefits such as flexibility and durability and impact resistance.

Our Warranty

Steelock General Fence Contractor proudly offers a one year warranty on all of our services. Our materials are covered within manufacture's warranties.